Title Publisher Year
The Adventures of the Golden Girl of Munan Villainous Press 2013
Barton’s Island Villainous Press 2013
Purple & Gray Villainous Press 2013
The Adventures of the Vagabonds Villainous Press 2013
Drylands of Mars Villainous Press 2014
The Essential Harl Vincent, Volume 1 Villainous Press 2014
The Essential Harl Vincent, Volume 2 Villainous Press 2014
The Essential Harl Vincent, Volume 3 Villainous Press 2014
Subterrania Villainous Press 2014
Air Wonder Stories Villainous Press 2014
The Copper-Clad World Villainous Press 2014
Harl Vincent Resurrected Resurrected Press 2011
The Doomsday Planet Tower 1968

Magazine Appearances

Title Publication Month Year
The Golden Girl of Munan Amazing Stories June 1928
The Ambassador from Mars Amazing Stories September 1928
Through the Air Tunnel Air Wonder Stories October 1929
The Yellow Air-Peril Air Wonder Stories September 1929
The War of the Planets Amazing Stories January 1929
Venus Liberated Amazing Stories Quarterly Summer 1929
Barton’s Island Amazing Stories August 1929
The Menace from Below Science Wonder Stories July 1929
The Colloidal Menace Amazing Stories December 1929
Microcosmic Buccaneers Amazing Stories November 1929
The Seventh Generation Amazing Stories Quarterly Winter 1929
The Terror of Air-Level Six Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930
The Explorers of Callisto Amazing Stories February 1930
Callisto at War Amazing Stories March 1930
Vagabonds of Space Astounding Stories of Super-Science November 1930
Gray Denim Astounding Stories of Super-Science December 1930
The Return to Subterrania Science Wonder Stories April 1930
Free Energy Amazing Stories September 1930
Silver Dome Astounding Stories of Super-Science August 1930
Old Crompton’s Secret Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930
Before the Asteroids Science Wonder Stories March 1930
Tanks Under the Sea Amazing Stories January 1931
The Copper-Clad World Astounding Stories September 1931
Sky Cops (with Charles Roy Cox) Amazing Stories December 1931
A Matter of Ethics Amazing Stories October 1931
Too Many Boards Amazing Stories April 1931
Invisible Ships Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 1931
Beyond the Dark Nebula Argosy 4-Apr 1931
Red Twilight Argosy September13 – 27 1931
Terrors Unseen Astounding Stories March 1931
The Moon Weed Astounding Stories August 1931
Creatures of Vibration Astounding Stories January 1932
Roadways of Mars Amazing Stories December 1932
Thia of the Drylands Amazing Stories July 1932
Faster Than Light Amazing Stories Quarterly Fall/Winter 1932
Power Amazing Stories January 1932
Water-Bound World Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring/Summer 1932
Once in a Blue Moon Amazing Stories Quarterly Winter 1932
Vulcan’s Workshop Astounding Stories June 1932
When the Comet Returned Amazing Stories April 1933
Cavern of Thunders Amazing Stories July 1933
Whisper of Death Amazing Stories November 1933
Telegraph Plateau Astounding Stories November 1933
Wanderer of Infinity Astounding Stories March 1933
Lost City of Mars Astounding Stories February 1934
Master of Dreams Amazing Stories January 1934
Cat’s Eye Amazing Stories April 1934
The Barrier Amazing Stories September 1934
Rex Astounding Stories June 1934
Cosmic Rhythm Astounding Stories October 1934
Synthetic Marvel Tales July/August 1934
Prowler of the Wastelands Astounding Stories April 1935
Valley of the Rukh Amazing Stories February 1935
Parasite Amazing Stories July 1935
Energy Astounding Stories January 1935
The Plane Compass Astounding Stories June 1935
The Challenge from Beyond Fantasy Magazine September 1935
Return of the Prowler Astounding Science-Fiction November 1938
Prince Deru Returns Amazing Stories December 1938
Mystery of the Collapsing Skyscrapers Amazing Stories August 1939
Power Plant Astounding Science-Fiction November 1939
The Morons Astounding Science-Fiction June 1939
The Devil Flower Fantastic Adventures May 1939
Newscast Marvel Science Stories April/May 1939
Lightning Strikes Once Marvel Science Stories August 1939
Master Control Astonishing Stories April 1940
Undersea Prisoner Amazing Stories February 1940
Other World Astonishing Stories October 1940
Deputy Correspondent Astounding Science-Fiction June 1940
High-Frequency War Astounding Science-Fiction February 1940
Neutral Vessel Astounding Science-Fiction January 1940
Life Inside a Wall Science Fiction Quarterly Summer 1940
Trouble Shooter Super Science Stories July 1940
Gravity Island Super Science Stories March 1940
Grave of the Achilles Captain Future Winter 1941
Lunar Station Comet Stories January 1941
Crime by Chart Exciting Detective March 1941
Voice from the Void Amazing Stories June 1942
Invader If September 1967
Space Storm Famous Science Fiction Spring 1969
The Lethal Planetoid Spaceway January 1969


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